Preventing the Introduction of Chronic Wasting Disease to Cervid Operations


Welcome to the Farmed Cervid Biosecurity against Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) website.

Our mission is to provide information to cervid producers to:

  1. Better understand their operation’s risk of becoming infected with CWD and 
  2. Help them develop a biosecurity plan to reduce the risk of CWD in their farmed cervids.

Answers to Questions about CWD

Scenarios from a Deer Operation

CWD Biosecurity

About this Site

Recognizing that CWD poses a risk to the livelihoods of US cervid producers across the US, this site offers a suite of educational/informational materials as well as a CWD Biosecurity Risk Assessment for Cervid Farms.


Cervid Farmers and other producers, government agencies involved with prevention of CWD on cervid operations.